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Chiaramonte has repeatedly walked the path of business and entrepreneurship from start-up conception to seven and eight-figure exits. She can provide insight, stories and next-steps to entrepreneurs and women in business. Nicole understands the unique personal and professional challenges of aspiring entrepreneurs, and existing owners who need help in getting to their next level.
More important than the business insights, Nicole provides first-hand, candid discussions of the realities of “work-life balance” and navigating marriage, parenting and friendships in the course of building toward one's professional dreams.


Due to time constraints Nicole is not available for private consulting. As such, she has made herself available for a handful of events each year to share the wisdom and perspective she has gained during her nearly 30 years in business. 

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Speaking Fees & Roundtable Coaching 

• 1-Hour Keynote with 1-hour Q&A

• Two-Day Seminar